Emergency Guide | Following the emergency situation across Israel, please follow the official guidance

Emergency Guide

Following the emergency situation across Israel, please follow after the official guidance. The Herzliya Operation Center and the City Call are working 24/7 to give you the best response.

Dear residents,

Herzliya Municipality has completed a first assessment meeting with the participation of the municipality management and representatives of the Home Front Command and the security forces:

  1. All public shelters are open.

  2. The beaches and Herzliya Park are closed and are prohibited. 

  3. The activity of the “Coastlines Bus” is stopped. 

  4. The City Municipal Police is reinforcing manpower.

  5. The City Education Division, together with the Educational Psychological Service, are in touch with the kids’ parents for support and assistance if needed.  

  6. All Sukkot events were canceled. 

  7. For finding a nearby shelter click here >>

  8. Please obey the instructions of the Home Front Command. At this stage, the Home Front Command directs people to stay nearby shelters and in case of sirens, enter the shelter and stay there for 10 minutes. 

  9. Herzliya is divided into 2 Deterrence Zones: Herzliya Center and Glil Yam and Herzliya West. 

  10. To download the Home Front Command application click here >>

  11. An assessment meeting will be taking place during the day, please stay tuned for more updates. 

  12. Please avoid spreading fake news and rely on all reliable sources of information.

  13. If you know someone who needs any assistance, please reach out to the City Call Center - dial 106. 

  14. Herzliya Municipality is prepared for any future scenario and is in continuous contact with the security forces.

The Herzliya Operation center and the City Call are working 24/7 to give you the best response, at any given time.